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Monday, January 14, 2008

Splurge of the Week!

Fendi Paillette Spy Bag

This week features the Fendi 'Paillette' Spy Bag - for those with an acquired taste. Made from soft peddle-grained leather, this Spy Bag comes with braided smooth leather piping, shoulder straps with thorn-like knots (as with the other Spy Bags), a hidden mirrored compartment in the loop of the flap closure and a secret coin purse inside flap. Lined in their very own signature Zucca jacquard lining, you'll find that it's no different from the other Spy Bags - except for the decorative multicolored leather paillettes on the front and rear which gives the bag a totally different look altogether.

I mentioned earlier that it is for those with an acquired taste. Well, I suppose some would prefer the classic pieces simply because it is easy to complement the outfit they're going to wear from day to day. Or maybe because it simply is too fragile and would require extra care compared to the other Spy Bags? Well, that's a possibility. But if this is really you, well, you'd be guaranteed that there won't be many around. It's a seasonal item and is only available while stocks last. Not to mention it's fun and ultra cool.

Find out more about the Fendi Paillette Spy Bag today via eLuxury. The Fendi Paillette Spy Bag is priced at $4,890.00

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