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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bargain of the Week!

Calling all career women and businesswomen out there, This week's Bargain of the Week will definitely something pique your interest!!

We all know how boring and standard all business cards look, right? No matter how interesting the design, it still looks like, well..your average business card. But, now, with these personalised business cards and card cases shown above, you can be assured that your business card will definitely stand out from the rest. Think of how much easier it will be too, when someone tries to look for your card amidst the sea of other normal rectangular standard business cards? An instant conversation starter, these funky-looking business cards are a surefire way to get you noticed.

Personalised Business cards and Leather Card Cases

Choose from multicolour floral, hot pink/black giraffe print or lime green/brown giraffe print, these 3" square business cards offer up to 5-line personalisation (25 characters per line). Calling cards come in a set of 50, Available at $40 per set. With your personalised cards all set and ready to go, stash them in the croc-textured leather card cases for a perfect fit! Croc-textured Leather card case is also available for $40 each, which you can personalise with gold foil.

Personalised business cards and croc-textured leather card cases are available via Neiman Marcus

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