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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Valentino 'Tuxedo' Frame Bag

When I first saw this bag, I thought it looked rather different and somewhat cutesy and yes, naturally, it was the little bow at the top that caught my eye. It's definitely cute but doesn't overplay the cutesy factor, as the bow and frame top of this 'Tuxedo' Nappa Frame Bag by Valentino is tastefully done in natural coloured brown leather. But hey, no arguments here, as can we even think of one Valentino bag that is the slightest bit distasteful? Well, Bagaholic Babe thinks not.

Made of soft nappa leather with brown frame and bow details, this 'Tuxedo' Frame bag is definitely a different looking sort of frame bag compared to all the usual looking frame bags out there, which are either with kiss lock closures, or with a zippered top. This Tuxedo Frame bag is for someone who is looking for a cutesy bag without looking overly cute and girlish. Available for $1,795 via Saks .

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