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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Supple Marc Jacobs Calfskin Bag

Nowadays, we seldom see Marc Jacobs bags adorning his trademark pushlock pockets and pushlock closures. Perhaps he's moving into a new direction where his signature style is concerned. Nowadays, we see Marc Jacobs bags being more simple, supple and chic, and less of the tell-tale MJ structured look. This 'Mercer' Peet Leather tote is definitely of the supple type.

Marc Jacobs 'Mercer' Leather Tote

Marc Jacobs 'Mercer' Leather Tote in Black

Made of calfskin, this buttery soft bag is accented with gold hardware and knotted details on the straps (which Bagaholic Babe absolutely loves!!) The 'Mercer' Bag is available in either Peet (Cream) or Black Calfskin, but Bagaholic Babe, who isn't really a fan of Black bags, prefers the Black with Gold hardware as it looks more chic and expensive-looking. Definitely the perfect day bag which can take you for lunch or shopping right into the office! Available via Saks for $1,150.

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