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Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Favorite Burberry Novacheck

Just yesterday, Bagaholic Babe and I were out shopping and we talked about a lady who walked by with a Novacheck piece by Burberry and immediate agreed that it looked way better than the other designs.

I figured I'd put up one of my favorite pieces for all you Bagfetish readers. If you already own one, way to go girl! But if you haven't got one yet, you just might like it..

Burberry Novacheck Double Top Handle Tote

A very classic piece, the Burberry Novacheck is an extremely spacious bag - suitable for your everyday needs. Made from resilient PVC, this checkered tote comes trimmed with patent leather and silver hardware accents. Lined in nylon, the bag has an inside zipper pocket as well.

This extremely stylish tote is now going for $475.00. Available via Saks Fifth Avenue

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