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Monday, December 24, 2007

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Winter & Holiday Charms

Regular readers and followers of our Bagfetish blog would know that Mondays feature our 'Splurge of the Week' pick. However, because it's Christmas Eve, we'd thought that we'd feature something that is Christmas themed, just in case you need to do your last minute shopping. So instead of a 'Splurge', today's post (non-bag related) features Limited Edition Holiday and Winter Themed Charms by Juicy Couture.

Juicy Couture Winter Charms - Snow Boot ($48), Yorkie Snowboard Charm ($42 - reads 'Juicy Snow Day' on the board) and a Limited Edition New Year Top Hat Charm ($58)

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Holiday Charms - Snowman Charm ($52), Snowflake ($62) and Gingerbread House ($58).

Gingerbread House charm in open state. Charm hinge opens to reveal Yorkshire Terrier warming by the fire)

  • All Charms are plated with 14-karat yellow gold with lobster claw closures embellished with Juicy crown logo.

  • All Limited Editions are embelliished with genuine Swarovski® crystals have and attached tag that reads "Limited Edition 2007"

  • What are ya all wating for? Celebrate the holidays Juicy style with these Charms! Gotta get your hands on those Limited Editions especially since they cost about the same as your regular Juicy Charm. Plus, you can wear any Juicy charm in numerous ways, latch them onto your bag and use it as a bag charm, wear it as a pendant, or hook it onto your bracelet! Definitely worth it I say!! ;) (Yep, you've guessed it - Both Bagaholic Babe and BagObsessed Babe love Juicy charms!!)

  • Click Here for Juicy Winter Charms or Juicy Holiday Charms

  • All available via Juicy Couture

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