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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cool Ombré Bowler by Prada

Prada Grey Calfskin Ombré Large Bowler Bag

Extremely cool in grey calfskin ombré, the Prada large bowler uses only the most supple grained leather and polished silvertone hardware. A touch of luxury and class, it's no wonder why Prada is such a big name in the fashion industry. Known for its good workmanship and luxurious designs, the bag also comes with a large 'Prada' logo - that is common in almost every Prada bag - and a decorative padlock at the sides and extended handles that comes with buckles. Prada designers are meticulous even to the very last detail - the logo jacquard lining that comes with an interior zip and patch pockets.

Not convinced yet? Available via Bluefly, the Prada Grey Calfskin Ombré Large Bowler Bag is on discount. Available for 20% less, the bag is now priced at only $1,756.00. To find out more, click here

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