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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Presenting: Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 08 - Monogram Rubis

A few days ago, BagObsessed Babe featured the Mini Lin Croisette, from Louis Vuitton's Cruise Collection 2008. Today, also from Vuitton's 2008 Cruise Collection, Bagaholic Babe presents the new Monogram Rubis range to you.

Neo Bucket -- US$2150 or $1450 Euros

Salina GM (Large) - - US$2850 or $1900 Euros

Salina MM (Medium) -- US$2550 or $1700 Euros

Detail Closeup

2008's Cruise Collection this year features Louis Vuitton's signature Monogram Canvas with Red Vinyl trimmings and Red Printed Alligator Leather (sorry peeps, it isn't real Alligator, just an alligator print on the leather). Personally, Bagaholic Babe loves this collection, and prefers it to the Mini Lin Croisette Cruise Collection as this Monogram Rubis collection is more eye-catching, with that vibrant shade of fire-engine red. I'm not usually one who likes red...In fact, I don't fancy red at all, but somehow, this collection appeals very much to me. Perhaps because the Red Vinyl trimmings give the bag just the right amount of gloss and shine, without the feel of it looking overdone. Me Likey. My favourite pick is the Salina MM and the Neo Bucket. Kudos to Marc Jacobs on a job well done!

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