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Friday, November 9, 2007

Bargain of the Week!

This Week's Bargain of the Week, is something totally different. A sort of accessory we haven't done before on our blog. A very different sort accessory case that you can toss into your handbag for your convenience.

Curious as to what it is yet? Well, this week's Bargain is none other than a tampon case, yup you heard that right. Who says periods have to be a pain? Here's a cool case that you can lighten yourself up with, even when you're having cramps. Yep, these are not just tampon cases, but tampon cases with the added 'feel-good' factor with words such as "Glamour Girl", "Bombshell Babe" etc, emblazoned on the case, depending on the design you choose. Shown above are just 2 of the varieties available. Oh don't you think the graphics and designs remind us of the old Hollywood Glamour days? Hm, they also kinda look like the cases you can get from Benefit Cosmetics.

Made of polished metal, you can now start carrying your tampons in style! Available Here for just $29!

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