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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Presenting: Fashion Week: Christian Lacroix S/S '08

Presenting: Paris Fashion Week: Christian Lacroix Spring/Summer 2008 Collection

Spring/Summer is all about splashes of colour and Christian Lacroix delivers just that! The collection is so vibrant, a true embodiment of Lacroix's signature carefree and fun style. In this collection, we see an interplay of flourescent, psychedelic prints, that act as a collage of sorts, that is created by swatches of different fabrics, colours and materials. Geometric shapes is also a key theme in Lacroix's S/S Collection for 2008 (see Cubic Bags below).

Hm, it seems as if everyone's coming out with novel shapes and styles for bags! Yesterday, we saw the accordion-esque bag from Bottega Veneta, and today, it's the cubic bag with granny purse closure by Lacroix! Good to know that fashion is on the move once again! Finally we have different shapes as opposed to your standard Hobo, Satchel, Tote, Clutches and what-have-yous. I applaud the designers for daring to think outside of the box.

The Verdict: Love the cubic bags! As you know, Bagaholic Bag is a fan of bright colours, (and hasn't owned a black bag to date) so needless to say, I love what Lacroix has done! I'd definitely wear all of the bags in this collection!

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