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Monday, September 3, 2007

Splurge of the Week!

When I first laid eyes upon today's featured Splurge of the Week in the advertorial pages of Bazaar's, Sept '07 issue, it was love at first sight. Very rarely do I ever look at or fancy black bags, and those of you who know me well enough will agree with me here. This is one of those exceptional twice in a lifetime occassions. Without further ado, this week's Splurge of the week is Jimmy Choo's 'Alex' Bag, aka. Jimmy Choo's Bag of the Season!

Jimmy Choo 'Alex' - Front View

Jimmy Choo 'Alex' - Interior View

The deemed 'Bag of the Season' is a double handled shopper, made of super-lustrous pony hair and leather. Perhaps it doesn't look as good here, but I promise you that it looks much better in 3D. Although the photos above may not show it, the bag has just the right amount of the 'Slouch factor' after you've put your stuff in it. Get this for €2,050.00 via Jimmy Choo If you don't like it in Black, it also comes in Brown and Animal Print (shown Below).

'Alex' in Wild Cat Print $1725 Euros. Love this too!!

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