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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bargain(s) of the Week!

Ever since Bagaholic Babe came across designer Jordi Labanda's illustrations, I was hooked!. Jordi Labanda is a Spanish Designer who used to do illustrations for Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc and the other High Fashion magazines. He soon ventured into Ready-to-Wear, Stationery and Accessories. However, he's still a designer not many people have heard of, and since I love his stuff so much, I thought of sharing his amazing Bags with you, my fellow BagAddicts. Which is why this week's Bargains of the Week are both from Jordi Labanda. (I love his Clothes too! The illustratiions on all his stuff makes it unique!)

First up, is the glasses case.

I don't know about you gals but as someone who wears glasses, I can never find a cute, funky and girly case to stow my glasses in. Well Jordi Labanda has finally the solution to my glasses woes! Retails for just $22.95 via Funky Chunky Handbags

Up next, is the super girly and Romantic-esque Butterfly Tote.

This leather handled Butterfly Tote comes in 2 sizes - Small and Large. Such a fun summer bag don't you think?! Definitely appeals to our 'inner girl!' ;) *Winks* Loving it! Available for $86 (Small size) via Funky Chunky Handbags

  • To view Jordi Labanda's other products - stationery, Ready-To-Wear, etc, go to Jordi Labanda

  • For those of you in Malaysia, Jordi Labanda Accessories and Ready-To-Wear is available at Lush Icon Boutique at Avenue K (Opposite KLCC) or For Jordi Labanda stationery, it's available at Isetan KLCC and Kinokuniya Bookstores

  • Don't you just Love his illustrations? I certainly do! *winkz*

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