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Monday, August 13, 2007

Review of new Jimmy Choo Store at KLCC

I've been so busy the past month (also why I haven't been posting daily) that it was only last week that I finally paid the new Jimmy Store at Suria KLCC a visit after the store's opening in June. The Jimmy Choo Store has taken the space of what used to be Blumarine (they shifted to the floor above). Anyway, ecstatic that I finally get to see Jimmy Choo on our very own shores, the concept and layout of the boutique kept to true Jimmy Choo fashion, but there's one major letdown - the size of the boutique and the variety (or lack, thereof)! You'd have thought that being a Malaysian himself, the Jimmy Choo store would look a little grander than the rest around Southeast Asia, but nope, no such thing! Well, yes, I understand that probably we don't have such a big market unlike Singapore or Hong Kong (love the HK store!), but at least more selections should've been brought in! *whines*. I was in and out of the store in under 5 minutes, feeling very underwhelmed...

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