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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bespoke Handbags by Freddy & Ma

If you haven't already heard of a brand called Freddy & Ma, they specialise in Bespoke (personalised) Bags. Just select the style or design (select from Hobos, Satchels, Totes, Shoppers, Clutches, etc) you want, Choose your own fabrics and leathers to Make your very own bag, a bag that is uniquely YOU and uniquely YOURS! Here's your chance to be actively involved in the bag-making process, oh and when someone asks you where you got your fab bag from, then you can say that you designed it yourself!

However, if you don't want to design your own bags, Freddy & Ma also offers bags designed by their very own team of designers, that you can buy as is. Choose from an array of Charity Bags - designed by or inspired by various charities, Freddy & Ma Favourites and Limited Editions - reasonably priced, limited to 15 pieces per month.

Here's one of the Limited Edition pieces.

Lolanda Bag - $225

Get started! Hop on over to Freddy and Ma to start designing your own bag at a very affordable price!

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