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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New -- Louis Vuitton Neo Cabby Tote

Here's the latest addition to Louis Vuitton's Monogram Denim Family - the Neo Cabby Tote.
Available in Black or Blue Denim (both shown below), this Neo Cabbby Tote comes in 2 sizes - the Medium (MM), which is big enough to hold your A4 officedocuments and the Large (GM). You can wear this bag in 3 ways - hold is as a Tote, as a Shoulder Bag or just latch on the removable adjustable strap and wear it cross-body. So there ya go, 3 looks for the price of 1!

Neo Cabby Tote MM - Black Denim

Neo Cabby Tote MM - Blue Denim

Neo Cabby - Detail Closeup

Usually, I prefer the Blue Denim, but this bag somehow looks better in Black Denim. Personally, imho, to date, this is the best looking bag from the Monogram Denim Collection (but of course not the Denim Cruise Collection - now that I absolutely love! The stripes with the stamped LV Trunks and Bags logo is just To die for!) Too bad the Denim Cruise is a seasonal collection...ah wells.

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