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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Comme des Garcons Animal Print Zip Wallet

Commes des Garcons Wallet in Zebra

Commes des Garcons Wallet in Zebra - Interior View

Comme des Garcons aren't usually known for their Bags and Wallets. However, when they do come out with notable Wallets or Bags, much like their ready-to-wear, it's for those who have a fun-loving spirit! This 3DAnimal Print Zippered Wallet comes in Zebra (shown), Cheetah or Snake Prints. With a single Billfold compartment, Coin Purse on the inside and 4 Credit Card slots, this wallet is super fun and unique! If you want something different, rather than leather wallets or Logo/Monogrammed Wallets then this is for you! Me Likey! Get this for $200 via Barneys

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