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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chloe Katie Embroidered Bag

Hmm, doesn't this 'Katie' Embroidered Bag from Chloe's Fall Collection 2007 remind you of something that is all to familiar to us, even to the non-BagAddict? Have a look...

Embroidered 'Katie'

Embroidered 'Katie' - Side View

I don't know about ya'll but to me, this looks like one of the 'fleurs' or flowers on Louis Vuitton's Monogrammed bags. Apart from that, The shape of the bag and the general style of the bag also reminded me of Chanel pieces. Pastiche of LV and Chanel = this Chloe bag. Don't you think? Could've fooled me! When I first saw the bag, without thinking, I immediately recognised and registered in my head that it definitely had to be an LV creation...until I saw the word 'Chloe' on it. Anyway, this bag is a great way to fool others, as I'm sure it ain't just me, but the bag will register in everyone's minds that it's an LV piece. Made of Faded black embroidered wool and leather with a double link chain, this bag will definitely have people baffled. Get this 'Katie' Embroidered bag by Chloe for £772.34 from Net-a-Porter

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