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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Presenting: Chanel Resort 2008 Pre-Collection

The Resort Collections for 2008 are here, and today, I present to you Chanel's Resort 2008 Pre-Collection. Judging from the quilted bags that glisten down the runway, the Metallic trend and oversized bag trend from this season will be spilling over into 2008 as well, so don't throw away those just yet! However, it came to my attention that the bags of the non-metallic sort are in more neutral hues this season, instead of Chanel's usual brights (fuschia, turquoise, etc) and funky artsy bags that are seen in their previous collections. Sorry, I don't have detailed closeups of the bags though!

Fashion Show Location: at a Plane Hangar in Santa Monica. Airplane and Airport Themed Runway Show for Resort 2008

The 'Chanel Line' Airplane prop for the Resort 2008 Runway Show

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