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Friday, May 11, 2007

Presenting: Loewe Bespoke Collection - Napa. Aire

Loewe Napa. Aire Collection

Napa. Aire - Small

Napa. Aire - Medium

Napa. Aire - Large

Loewe has a new collection to add to its family - the Napa.Aire. The concept and philosophy behind this collection is that the bags are totally weightless (hence Aire). Made of 100% nappa leather, there are No buckles, no metal, no chains, no fuss! Designed as a perfect circle, the bag is held together by adjustable rope-like handles and is so supple and unstructured that it takes the shape of the bag's contents. This new Napa.AireCollection by Loewe is a Bespoke Collection (yes, read personalised and custom-made). Choose from a range of 7 colours (Mustard Yellow, Green, Lilac, Pink, Vermillion, Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver) and 3 sizes - Small, Large or Medium and your bag will be ready within 4 weeks!

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