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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Presenting: Luella Spring/Summer 2007 Collection

Yummy Yummy! I think this is Luella's Best Collection~! Love love Love the 'Hai' Bag, the 'Sandhurst Bag', the Army Hobo and of course, the Heart Envelope Clutch! ;) *winks!

(All Images from

'Hai' Bag in White Buffalo Leather

Sandhurst Bag in Luggage Soft Worn Leather -- I'm loving this one!!! *squeals*

Large Sandhurst Bag in Luggage Soft Worn Leather

Army Fury Boxy Bag - Olive Soft Worn Leather

Strappy Army Bag in Olive Patent Leather

Studded 'Joni' Bag in Luggage Leather

Stevie in Black Soft Calf Leather

Stevie in Yellow Soft Calf Leather

Army Hobo Bag in White Soft Worn Leather (Other Colours Available)

Floral Envelope Clutch

Posh Military Bag (Khaki Heart Suede)

Strappy Army Bag - Hot Pink Patent Leather

Key Chain Evening Purse - Hot Pink Copper Racer Water Snake

Mama Key Chain Purse - Black Copper Racer Water Snake

Heart Envelope Clutch - Red Copper Racer Water Snake

Large 'Suzi' Tote in Grey Heart Suede

Fury Boxy Bag in White Buffalo Leather (Other Colours Available)

Heritage Gisele - Olive Soft Worn Leather

Easy Tote Hand Bag in Pale Blue Canvas

Heritage Zip Top Bag in Black Soft Worn Leather

Large Fury Boxy Bag in Pale Blue Buffalo Leather

Mini Milfield Bag - Black/White Alphabet Coated Canvas

Love this collection? The Bags are available in other colours too if you're not loving the colours featured here. To view the Complete collection, details and prices, Go to Luella's Official Website

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