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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bagaholic Babe's Top Picks from Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2007

Here are Bagaholic Babe's Favourite Picks from Bottega Veneta's Spring-Summer 2007 Collection

And from the looks of it, this Spring-Summer 2007, it's all about pastel pinks and dusky purples for the brand! Well, for my top picks anyway. Hehe.

First up, we have the 'Julie' Bag. Bagaholic Babe has always loved Bottega Veneta's 'Julie' -styled bag. Ever since I saw this bag in aubergine (think Brinjal purple, my Fendi Chef Bag or yes God forbid...Barney purple). Perhaps it could be because Bagaholic Babe doesn't really like the woven look (yes, I know that it's the brand's signature style) and in the 'Julie' style, weaving is kept minimal. The other reason why I favour this bag is perhaps due to the slouchy-ness of the bag - it has just the right amount of the 'slouch' factor. More often than not, even with premier designer brands, finding a bag with just the right amount of slouch can prove to be quite a feat. Oh and this 'Julie' Bag in dusky purple also happens to be Bottega Veneta's Artistic/Creative Director's (Tomas Maier's) number one pick from this season! ;) *winks* Pre-Order this bag for $1550 from Bottega Veneta . Inquire for other colours.

The Floral Tote is a new look this season for Bottega. I think it's safe to say that this is a first for the brand, in terms of applique leather flowers that adorn the bag. Change is always good! For this bag, although the brand's signature woven look is maintained, the focus is on the flowers draw attention to the eye, and hence becomes the new point of focus of the bag. Pre-Order this for $1390 via Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Anaconda Continental Wallet - Front View

Bottega Veneta Anaconda Wallet - Interior View

Last but not least, the Continental Wallet, made from Anaconda skin. The perfect complementary colour and the perfect wallet to go with your 'Julie' Bag! Being a fan of Exotics (especially Ostrich) I'm Loving this wallet!This wallet has 10 credit card slots and a bill slot! Pre-Order this now for just $790 via Bottega Veneta It's in Anaconda, which is more rare than your average Python, so for $790, its an absolute steal!

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