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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prada Denim Shoulder Bag

Does the bag you carry for the day depend on the outfit you're wearing? If you're wearing jeans, you'd normally find a bag that matches your top wouldn't you? But how about a bag that matches your jeans rather than your top? That way, no matter what top you put on, it'll definitely go! I've always been on the lookout for bags made of denim but have never found any I fancy - well, except maybe the denim line by LV. If you're not a monogram person but would like to own a piece made of denim, then you'll have to consider this one.

Prada Logo Jacquard Shoulder Bag

This Prada bag is of denim material and is trimmed all round with antique brown leather. It also has a jacquard Prada logo on the front and comes with wraparound zip top with a lock. The bag comes with an ID tag and key pouch which is detachable.

The Prada Logo Jacquard Shoulder Bag is available from Neiman Marcus Online for $1,775.00

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