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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kate Spade Ocean-Themed Coin Purses

Add a splash of colour to your bag with these cute coin purses by Kate Spade.

Blowfish Coin Purse

Submarine Coin Purse

Clam Coin Purse

Seahorse Coin Purse (back view).

Aren't these just so adorable? Together, these coin purses form an Under-The-Sea Theme collection of coin purses by Kate Spade. Lighten up your bag with these fun shaped coin purses - There's the Blowfish in Pink, the Clam in Metallic Silver, the Seahorse in Moss Green and yes that Yellow Submarine that has been taken quite literally, which the Brit pop group of the 70s, the Beatles were raving about living in. "We all live in a Yellow Submarine..." These coin purses have Kate Spade New York embossed on the Back of them (see seahorse pic above) and are lined with Kate Spade's signature larabee dot cotton twill lining.

Bagaholic Babe loves the Submarine and the Blowfish. You have a choice between Metallic or Smooth Calfskin for each of these designs. Get these playful coin purses for $75 each at Kate Spade Online

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