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Friday, February 23, 2007

Presenting: Etro Spring/Summer Collection 2007

Etro opts for a more simple collection this season!

Etro Canvas and Twill Bags from the Collection

Etro Embossed Leather Paisley and Leather Bags. In Bagaholic Babe's Personal Opinion, the Embossed Paisley Bags has a sort of Vintage, Old Word Charm, feeling as if it was inspired by the architectural intricacies of the Baroque Era.

Of course, no Etro Collection is complete without their signature Paisley prints.

Bring On the Metallics! It seems as if all the designers are doing Metallics in Gold and Silver after Louis Vuitton's Miroir Fall-Winter 2006 Collection, and Etro (without the monogrammed print, unlike Fendi, LV and Gucci) is no exception! Buckles are also a new focus for Etro, and this Season, it's the Square Buckle. Perhaps the focus on Buckles for so many Desginers were inspired by Fendi's Iconic 'B' Buckle? Anyhow, Bagaholic Babe will pick these simple and plain Etro Metallic Beauties over any of the Monogrammed Metallic Bags from LV, Fendi, or Gucci anyday! I love what Etro has done to their Metallic Range, esp the Square Buckles!

And lastly, the standalone pieces from Etro's Spring-Summer 2007 Collection - The Gold Chain Bag and the Evening Clutch

Bagaholic Babe's Favourite pick is the Evening Clutch and the White Leather Bag with the Gold Square Buckles

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