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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cute Compact Mirrors by Spring Street Design Group

A mirror is an absolute must-have in your handbag. Exceptionally handy, whether you want to re-apply your lip gloss, or when you're on a date with a hot guy and want to secretly check if there's food stuck between your teeth, or just to check out how your hair and/or makeup looks like after a long day.

Here are some cute compact mirrors Spring Street Design Group to get you sorted!

'Ring Bling' Compact Mirrors

Called 'Ring Bling' because of the 'Diamond' ring on the cover, this faux-diamond ring adorns an enamel compact containing not just ONE but TWO mirrors within - A normal mirror and a Magnified one (so you can apply your mascara properly, analyse your pores and even tweak your eyebrows). The Compact mirror measures 2.5" in diameter and comes in Pink and White. Available at Nordstrom for $28.,\Especially handy when you're travelling too!

If this girlie-themed design is not your thing, you can get the more luxe version, pictured below.

'Owl' and 'Ribbon' Mirror Compacts

Also by Spring Street Design Group, This luxe-d up version is accented with Crystals and faux pearls on an enamelled compact. However, unlike the 'Ring Bling' mirror compact above, it only contains ONE mirror - the regular kind.

This comes in 3 designs, the Owl, Ribbon and the Celtic Cross.

This luxe-d up mirror compact is more pricey than the 'Ring Bling' range, it retails for $45 each from Nordstrom

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